I love you / Silene AcaulisVolcano slopes, near Mount HeklaIce swan, Jokulsarl˛nIcelandic graveyardDwarf willow on a moss-covered lava fieldIcelandic terrain, M÷rtunguskerRock overlooking the Laki valleyEvening by the MaelifellLakagigar dunesRaudufossSmall stream above LandmannalaugarFall off, LandmannalaugarSwan feather, lake FrostastadavatnMoss rivuletHrossatungur lava field

Fjallabak, Iceland

In icelandic, "fjallabak" means "the track behind the mountains". So what is there along the track? Well, quite a few things: volcanoes, fumeroles, glaciers, rhyolitic mountains, canyons, lava fields, hot springs, glacial rivers, black sand dunes, obsidian fields, fields of mosses and lichens, and the lists goes on and on. That is the most incredible place I have ever been to. There is a problem, though: you do not know where to start. You do not even know where the whole place starts, let alone where it goes to or how it is organized. In Iceland, Nature is playing with a gigantic puzzle of which new pieces appear everyday. It is this apparent chaos that is fascinating. It urges you to come back and try to understand, once more, what is going on out there.

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