FeragselvaReaching lake StortjornaThe shores of lake RundtjonnaPause, lake StorjyltingenWater lilies, river TrysilLiaison to lake FeragenIn the magical forest of GutuliaSummer house by lake FemundPassage to lake GlenApple time, lake LangtjonnaSorka riverReady to goPine tree and rocks, Skoghaugen forestWee path through the Gutulia forestMagic, maybe?Boat house on the shores of lake FemundCanoe stop, lake StorjyltingenLofty cairn, HerbensenAspenTortured aspenSorksjoenGunnarsjoenBanks of Femund lakeLake banks, by GlatenNordre HoltjonnaAlone, GutuliaAround Nordre Holtjonna

Engerdal: into the woods, onto the lakes.

Hedmak : one of norway’s least populated counties. Engerdal: Hedmark’s least populated district. 2196 square km, 1460 inhabitants. Less than 1% of the area is cultivated or inhabited. One third consists of productive forest. The rest is wilderness. In Norway, few districts can boast as many national parks or natural reserves as Engerdal. If you are curious and want to discover these nordic landscapes, between taiga and toundra, so rugged, yet rich in surprises, this land is for you. Characterised by old mountains and plateaus scraped by the long gone ice cap, powerful rivers carving deep valleys, countless lakes and spellbinding pine, aspen and spruce forests, Engerdal is an incredibly well preserved territory that invites you to test your outdoors skills.

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