Venezia #2Campidoglio, RomePiazzettaFlorence #1Colosseo, RomaSan MarcoRome #2Vaticano #2Canalasso, VeneziaForo, RomeVenezia #1Ponte Vecchio, FirenzeVaticano #1Dogana, VeneziaPiazza Navona, RomePiazza di Spagna, RomeRome # 1


There is something about Italy, and italian cities in particular, that strikes every chord in me. And ever since I first went there with my parents at the age of 5, I have had images of Italy in the back of my mind. With this series, I have tried to recreate these images. They are about this deep sense of harmony and balance I see in these cities, and that transpires from these piazzas, narrow streets, tight waterways or historical sites however crowded they may be at times.

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